GamePro Quiz: Can You Answer These 10 Tech Questions Correctly?

Judy is very knowledgeable about hardware and tech, but what about you guys?

Judy is very knowledgeable about hardware and tech, but what about you guys?

It was only in May that we reported on a gaming dictionary from Sony that explains terms like AoE, RNG and more in a very understandable way. The next time you talk shop, you can throw clever-sounding words around. But what about your knowledge of hardware and tech?

Hardware quiz tests your knowledge

To find out, my colleague Tobi and I have a little GamePro quiz with us ten questions in all crafted. And for those who think we’re asking you simple things like “What is a Blu-ray drive?” or “What is the PlayStation generation (for some) already released?”, but then you misjudge us meanies.

Well then, have fun and success:

The point scale at a glance

Here you can see which points you need for a certain rank. Of course you should look at the scale with a wink, because no matter how you score, you are great!

Points classification
9-10 You are a real GamePro!
7-8 We are proud of you!
5-6 Neat, but there is more!
3-4 You should read more tech articles by GamePro writer Chris!
0-2 We still love you!

Fancy another quiz?

At the beginning of May we tried our first quiz. This was about whether you can only recognize games by their box text. If you want to try it, have a look here:

Gaming Quiz on GamePro: Give us feedback

In order to make the content on GamePro more varied, more exciting and also more fun, quizzes should also be made available on the site regularly in the future. They’re supposed to be about hard trivia, about your knowledge of specific games, about complete nonsense that’s (hopefully) fun.

Since the second edition was only published today, we are of course very happy to receive your feedback. So if you have suggestions for improvement or ideas for special quiz formats, or want to see a quiz for a specific console or game, just let us know in the comments.