WoW: This is how you unlock the “Dark Rangers” for elves

WoW: This is how you unlock the "Dark Rangers" for elves

The Dark Rangers are the highlight of Patch 9.2.5 in World of Warcraft. We reveal how you can unlock them.

With patch 9.2.5, World of Warcraft has added a little treat to the game, which was relatively unexpected. Players can unlock new cosmetic customizations for three of the Elven races. This gives them the opportunity to optically take on the appearance of the “Dark Rangers”. These are undead elven hunters whose souls were forced back into their bodies by either the Scourge or later by Sylvanas.

The customizations aren’t just for hunters though, they can be used by all classes with the exception of death knights and demon hunters.

Which races can get the adjustments? The adjustments are available to all elves who have had rangers in the recent or ancient past. These are:

  • night elves
  • blood elves
  • void elves

By the way, the achievement applies to all accounts. So you don’t have to complete the quest with an elf, you can use any other character for it and then use the unlocks for other characters.

Guide: How To Unlock Dark Ranger Customizations

The conditions: To unlock it, you first need a level 60 character who has also fully completed the Pact campaign, i.e. has experienced the finale in Zereth Mortis and the condemnation of Sylvanas.

First of all, almost all steps of the quest line are full of dialogue options, both in spoken word and in written text. So if you’re interested in the story, you shouldn’t run away straight away, but listen a little longer. Of course, this is not necessary for activation.

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The start: You can then travel to Oribos and see Genn Greymane. Already on the map you should be able to see that he has a new quest called “Eyes of the Wolf”. The quest wants you to travel to Tirisfal Glades to accompany Calia Menethil there.

Important: Do not travel to Tirisfal Glades manually, instead speak to the mage next to Genn Greymane. It will take you straight to Tirisfal Glades.

After that, most of it is self-explanatory.

  • Speak to Calia Menethil in the Ruins of Brill to turn in Eyes of the Wolf and accept Gather the Forsaken.
  • Speak with Dark Ranger Velonara, Lilan Voss, and Master Apothecary Faranell in Brill. For Velonara you still have to complete the quest “This land is ours” and kill 8 infected undead. Then return to Calia.
  • Accept the quest “The Plague Convention” and then talk to Lilian Voss; listens to the dialogue. Then speak to Calia and escort her south to the Blight Border.
You have to endure some dialogues.
  • Accept the Path of Faith quest and speak to Calia. Stay within her golden dome while protecting her. As soon as she gives you the sign, fill the vial and then protect her on the way back.
WoW Plague Lordaeron
Only Calia’s shield protects you from the deadly plague.
  • Accept the Hearing of the Allies quest, then travel to Maldraxxus in the Shadowlands.
  • Speak with Margravine Sin’dane, then accept the Plague House quest. Fly south to meet Plague Inventor Marileth.
WoW Magrave Sindane
Sin’dane gives Calia some valuable tips.
  • Accept the two quests “Essence of the Plague” and “Feeding the Eater”. Simply kill Slimes and Rocs in the area while using the 3 marked Plague Cauldrons in turn. Travel further south to turn in the two quests.
  • In “Embodiment” you now have to defeat a slightly stronger enemy. This could be a problem with poor gear, but most shouldn’t have any trouble. Dodge the ground effects that ripple across the battlefield from the sides.
  • Accept the Return to Brill quest. Now use the hearthstone that Lilian Voss gave you. It will take you straight back to the quest goal in Tirisfal Glades. Speak with Master Apothecary Faranell.
  • Accept “Help from Lordaeron” and then jump onto the Shadowbat’s back. Use the bat’s two abilities to cleanse the plague. You can spam the 1st ability on the ground, use the 2nd ability on the marked plague barrels.
The giant amalgam is the final boss – this ends the contamination of the city.
  • Once you reach 100%, the plague bat will attack the amalgam. Use the remaining skills (3 to 5) to destroy the creature.
  • Turn in the quest at the landing point and accept The Desolate Council. Wait for the dialogue and turn in the quest right away.
  • Speak with the Dark Ranger Velnora to complete The Path of the Dark Rangers. You don’t need to do anything for the quest and you can accept Greymane’s Report directly from Calia. Return to Oribos and you’re done!
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You will then receive the “Return to Lordaeron” achievement. From then on, you can use the new customizations for your Night Elves, Blood Elves, and Void Elves. This can be done either with the barber or when creating a new character. At the same time you also get the title “[Spielername] von Lordaeron”, which should probably please some role-playing fans in particular.

Have you already unlocked this cosmetic adjustment?