GamersGlobal BBQ 2022: Register now! – News

GamersGlobal BBQ 2022: Register now!  - News


After a long, painful forced break, it’s finally that time again: you can enjoy grilled goods and cool refreshments with other GG users, authors and editors.

This content would not be financially viable without the premium users. But we urgently need more supporters: You can help too!

The favorite sport of Germans may be soccer, but grilling is a close second. In wind, weather, sun, rain, it doesn’t matter. The grates must not be empty, by May at the latest the coals will be glowing so that they can still be seen from space. So say the law.

Since Corona has been officially abolished*, the GamersGlobal barbecue can now take place again! Even before the start of the holidays in most federal states, we will Saturday, July 2, 2022 from 2:00 p.m (“from” means the barbecue really starts around 4:00 p.m.) meet in Putzbrunn. Of course, your favorite editors and one or the other well-known author are there – really to, uh, touch?

Grill master Bernd and grill boy Stephan will once again provide juicy treats. But don’t worry, as a worshiper of herbal Buddha you will also get your money’s worth, in consultation with our vegan guru Dennis we will also offer delicious meatless food for all like-minded people. Salad, snacks and a dessert will be provided, as well as sufficient liquid fuel for exciting conversations.

The most important facts

  • The barbecue is on 2.7. from 2 p.m, it really starts with a barbecue around 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. And even those who come later will not starve! Experience has shown that we party until about 1 a.m., hiccups.
  • We expect 50 participants (including the internal ones), so as in previous years – but could also accommodate a few more. We are also very happy about those you bring with you family members or casual acquaintances, as long as they PAY and are fully clothed (children 12 and under are free).
  • We celebrate directly at the editorial office in the Hermann-Oberth-Str. 9, 85640 Putzbrunn. “Right next to” means in the front parking lot, by the main entrance. The rear parking lot (above Wernher-von-Braun-Str.) is available for your cars. If you are interested, you can of course take a look at our office – but we will not be staying there for reasons of space.
  • Who with the Public from Munich main station arriving: 50m from the building is the stop Michael-Haslbeck-Str. (Bus line 212), 100m away the stop Wernher-von-Braun-Str. (bus lines 212 and 55), 400m away the Kirchenzentrum bus stop (lines 55, 211, 212, X203). For example, from Munich main station you can take the U5 to Neuperlach Süd, from there bus line 55 to Putzbrunn/Wernher-von-Braun-Str. – and be there after about 40 minutes plus 2 minutes walk.
  • who from hair arrives, for example, take bus line X203 from Leibstrasse to Kirchenzentrum, Putzbrunn (10 minutes) and walk from there or take line 55 for the last stretch. Or he takes bus 241 in Haar and gets off at Solalindenstrasse. in Putzbrunn (500m to the event).
  • *Corona We continue to take this seriously and expect every participant to undergo a rapid antigen test in the 24 hours prior to participation.
  • There are two hotels in Putzbrunn, das B&B Hotel Munich-Putzbrunn as well as that Ibis Hotel Putzbrunn, both within walking distance of the venue (currently around 60 euros/night for July 2nd, 2022). Other hotels in a similar price range in the vicinity are, for example, in Haar das Art hotel (300m to the bus stop Haar Freibadstr/Line 241) or that Premier Inn (Bus stop 100m away, with 1x change in 15min to Putzbrunn, by bus/underground or bus/S-Bahn to the city center in about 45 minutes).
  • We want to go with the barbecue earn nothing – the contribution towards expenses of 48 euros With the same distribution of guests and the same food costs as in the last two years, this will mean a deficit of around 500 euros at GamersGlobal as our investment in the evening together (besides several man-days of preparation, of course).
  • The tent (which drives up the cost) makes us also at Rain celebratory until late at night – but will hopefully simply serve as a place to provide shade and a play station for popular multiplayer party hits.
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And this is how you participate:

1.) By transfer: transfers 48 euros per person (as a contribution to expenses for food, drinks, crockery, table sets, refrigerator and tent rental) to the well-known GG account or via PayPal. Write your user number in the subject line.

2.) Via PayPal: Please send directly from your PayPal account per person 49.58 euros (i.e. EUR 1.58 more than when transferring, for the PayPal fee incurred). [email protected] and write yours user number as well as the words “Barbecue Participation” as a note to this.

3.) In both cases, please also send a short e-mail to [email protected] with the subject “Grillfest 2022” in which you include your username + real world names names and, if necessary, the names of the other people you are bringing with you (these do not have to be GG users). Also write for each person if they want vegan food.

Please register as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 6/24/22. Your place is secured once the payment has been made. If we had capacity problems, we would write about this and end the registration early (there is always a place for users from rank 28 and for platinum and diamond users).

We are looking forward to talking shop with you personally after a long break and having fun!

Here’s a world-exclusive insight into event planning! Level E: VIP area for the editor-in-chief and visitors between the ages of 21 and… Ouch, darling, that was just a joke! Ouch! Good old man joke! Satisfied? If you continue like this, you can’t go to the barbecue Ouch! So again, E: Here are the benches when the weather is good. D: This is where the tent (12x3m) goes, when the weather is good for the fridge and play station, when the weather is bad we fit in there. C: This is where the grills are set up. B: The Skill Stage, where Dennis drunkenly performs skateboarding tricks while playing through Sekiro**. A: Oratorium, this is where Hagen gives history lectures and tries out his latest podcast transitions live.** And what does he tell us Arrow? We don’t know for sure either, but at the beginning of the arrow you could shelter or hide in a dumpster if you feel like it. Ah, wait a minute, from here you enter the festival area from the back parking lot. It has to be! Incidentally, the entrance to the house (= path to the toilets) is to the left of the B.

** has to be confirmed in each case.

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