Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Release date and Legendary Pokémon revealed – new trailer

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Release date and Legendary Pokémon revealed - new trailer

The Pokemon Company has one today June 1, 2022 new trailer to the latest Pokémon entries Pokemon Scarlet (Crimson) and Pokemon Violet (Purple) published. Among other things, the release date communicated for the new games.

As usual, both games will be released on the same day, namely on November 18, 2022. The day falls on a Friday. Below you can see the new trailer.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – what’s in the trailer?

the 9th generation is full of surprises. So we were already allowed to have a first one in the past Look at the new starter Pokémon throw. At the beginning of the journey you will choose one of the three Pokemon decide. Also become Professor Sada and Professor Turo presented.

Next we see the new one region of the game, which is clearly reminiscent of paradisiacal parts of Spain. Nintendo has already confirmed that Spain as inspiration serves.

Besides, it even seems as if he would Contrast between past and future play a major role. Is that intentional? In any case, some gameplay mechanics were probably off Pokemon Arceus taken over, like the possibility of sneaking up on wild Pokémon. It is, after all Open world RPG game.

Above all, that will be important co-op mode. Pokémon Scarlet (Crimson) and Pokémon Violet (Crimson) feature an extensive co-op mode that includes a Interplay of up to four players permitted. Since the exchange is certainly very important. Maybe the four of us can even explore the open world? That would be great!

The trailer holds many old ones and just as many new Pokemon ready. But what do you think of the new ones Legendary Pokemonwhich were also revealed?

Generation 9 Legendary Pokémon © The Pokémon Company

One looks like one jet plane and the other reminds a little of one motorcycle. Who thought that up? The designs are definitely very special.

Pokemon Scarlet (Crimson) and Pokemon Violet (Crimson) releases November 18, 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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