Sniper Elite 5: Unlock All Weapons – Stealth Adventure Tips

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Unlock all weapons in Sniper Elite 5? We offer you tips for a total of 18 weapons in the stealth adventure. 6 of the 18 guns are unlocked at the start of the game. These are equally divided into the three categories pistols, secondary weapons and rifles. You unlock one weapon in each genus by completing a special mission. For others, you finish off the target by performing the virtual assassination in a very specific way. For each of the weapon categories, we offer you a table with tips for the individual tasks. We also recommend our Sniper Elite 5 review. In it you will find details on all the strengths and weaknesses of the shooter.

Sniper Elite 5 tips: Unlock all weapons

For some of the weapons you do special targets, but in the current version of Sniper Elite 5 (buy now €59.99) appear bugged. For example, for the Karabiner 98k, you drop a chandelier on the target. However, you currently have to shoot the chandelier from the ceiling instead of manipulating the switch on the right on the balcony. You only unlock the rifle permanently by shooting the chandelier.

Unlock all pistols

Through these missions you unlock the pistols in Sniper Elite 5.

Unlock all guns

In these tasks of Sniper Elite 5 you get all the guns.

guns task
M1903 unlocked
SREM-1 unlocked
rifle 43 Mission 3 completed.
Carbine 98K Kill the target in Mission 2 by shooting the chandelier from the ceiling. However, do not trigger a red alarm so that the target person is also in the room with the gallery. Don’t use the switch either, just shoot down the chandelier.
M1A carbine Complete mission 5.
1918 RSC Sneak into the factory and take the stairs up to the V2 rocket balcony. Above the rocket you manipulate a switch (do not press it). To unlock the weapon, however, you wait before the target is under the rocket and then shoot it down.

Unlock all secondary weapons

To get all of the secondary weapons in Sniper Elite 5, complete the following tasks.

Secondary Weapon (SMGs) task
M1A1GOV. unlocked
Welgun MP unlocked
MP-40 In mission 1, you kill the death list target with an explosion (grenade, plate mine, etc.).
MP-44 In mission 4 you finish the death list objective with a rat bomb. You get this at the beginning of Mission 4, but not as a weapon. Go to the target’s warehouse and plant the bomb unseen. Then wait for the dialogue.
Stengun MK2 Complete mission 6.
type 100 In Mission 5 you go to the cement mixer in front of the target person’s barracks. Destroy the railing to the left of the cement mixer and manipulate it. Now jump down to the right of the cement mixer and walk straight under the construction. Now turn right and climb up. The target is trying to repair the concrete mixer. KO them (don’t kill them!) and then throw them into the concrete through the previously destroyed railing.
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