WoW: You must now promise not to be mean to others

World of Warcraft: release date for patch 9.2.5 known, allows Alliance and Horde to play together (1)

In multiplayer titles, players are often mean to one another. Most people who have played League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, or a similar title have probably experienced the often toxic behavior of these communities firsthand. Of course, publishers don’t like this “toxicity” in online games that much, which is why many companies are making some efforts to make their community friendlier overall.

Blizzard wants to make toxic community nicer

For example, League of Legends disabled all chat, which players could use to communicate with the other team. In World of Warcraft (buy now ): In The Burning Crusade Classic, players riding the store mount were spat on, so Blizzard disabled the emote from being applied to players. With patch 9.2.5, which finally lets the two factions Alliance and Horde play together, Blizzard would like to increase their efforts.

Patch 9.2.5 was officially released today, June 1st, 2022, and with it there is now a “social contract” that players must agree to before they can start the MMORPG. Riot Games also implemented a similar system in their League of Legends moba. Roughly speaking, the new contract simply tells you that you should be nice to other players, no matter where you meet them. So be it in dungeons, raids, the open world, on the battlefield, and so on.

Similar to Riot Games’ efforts, the new social contract in World of Warcraft will probably not directly solve all problems with the toxic community. After all, clicking “I accept” doesn’t directly stop players from being mean to each other. But maybe this new feature is just the beginning of Blizzard’s new ideas on how to make their game more friendly overall. The company may also be taking a harder line on violating its social contract, but only time will tell if this new feature really makes a difference in the community.

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