Pokémon GO promises a replacement event after server problems, but not for everyone

Pokémon GO promises a replacement event after server problems, but not for everyone

After server problems occurred in Pokémon GO on June 1st, 2022 and some trainers could not use the raid hour properly, Niantic has now spoken out. We at MeinMMO have looked at what compensation there should be and what the trainers say about it.

What are the problems? Yesterday, June 1, 2022, reports from trainers about “network errors” piled up on social networks. Interaction with arenas was no longer possible for all players.

For this reason, participation in raids during the popular weekly raid hour was hardly possible in some time zones. On the other hand, other players experienced crashes during the fight or afterwards in the catch mask. Therefore, many coaches demanded compensation.

This is how coaches should be compensated

After Niantic only comforted the trainers in the early evening of June 1st and assured them that the error would be taken care of, there is now good news: the problem has been found and fixed. According to Pokémon GO, this was due to server problems.

But what about compensation for the coaches? Niantic also commented on this topic in its Twitter post of June 2nd. According to this, trainers who were affected by the server problems during the raid hour should get a replacement event. More detailed information will follow.

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Who gets a replacement event? However, Niantic’s contribution does not indicate which time zones or regions will specifically benefit from compensation. However, this suggests that there will only be isolated areas and the event will therefore not be accessible to all trainers.

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That’s what the coaches say about this decision

On social media, coaches aren’t too happy about this kind of compensation. Many had used their precious (long-distance) raid passes for Kyogre raids and ultimately lost them as a result of the error.

For this reason, some players in the comments on Twitter are demanding that Niantic additionally compensate them with long-distance raid passes and that the replacement event be made accessible to all trainers (via twitter.com):

  • Badmuffinjr: Just give everyone the Raid Hour replacement event. It would give you less room for error since much of the world has experienced this problem.”
  • Awakened420: “Just give everyone a free remote raid pass since you decided to increase the cost. I might as well buy three single passes as the triple pack costs the same.”
  • Ivan: “What about those who lost their passport in the middle of the raid when the game froze? FYI we were unable to access the game (first after 7 p.m. when it is no longer possible to rejoin the raid).”
  • Bidgy: “Could you please also give everyone three free remote raid passes so we can actually do the raids?”

It remains to be seen whether Niantic will also compensate the trainers with (long-distance) raid passes. If there is any new information about this, you will find out from us on MeinMMO.

Were you also affected by the server problems yesterday at raid hour? What compensation would you wish for from Niantic? Let us know in the comments here on MeinMMO and talk to other trainers about the topic.

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