You can already try the Saints Row editor for free

Wreak havoc on Saints Row?  Yes, please!

You can already create your boss now.

Saints Row will be released on August 23rd, yes from now on you can make your own character. This is possible thanks to a free demo called BossFactorywhich you can download on PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC from their respective stores.

Make your own “boss”

In previous trailers we could already see how many character creation options we get in the reboot of the open world series. You can create your tinkered main character, called Boss in the game, from completely wacky with a beer helmet to serious with a suit, according to your wishes.

You can watch the trailer for Boss Factory here:

Saints Row reboot reveals trailer for free character editor


Saints Row reboot reveals trailer for free character editor

Boss Factory is definitely a cool idea – as we found out when trying it out for ourselves – to get you in the mood for Saints Row. If, like us, you spend hours in the editor before the start of the game, you are also well prepared for the release with the demo. Of course you can have your boss transfer to the main game.

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We were able to watch a 45-minute gameplay demo of Saints Row back in mid-May. Colleague Eleen has summarized everything you need to know about the action game in a detailed preview, which you can find here:

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Are you going to download the Boss Factory and create a character already?