Breaking: Valheim is finally coming to Xbox with crossplay

Valheim is finally coming to Xbox!

Valheim is finally coming to Xbox!

Currently finds that Extended Showcase by Microsoft and Bethesda, where some of the games presented during Sunday’s big show will be discussed in more detail. And right at the beginning of the event there was a real hit: With Valheim the biggest PC hit of the past year is finally coming to consoles, more precisely to the Xbox.

When is Valheim coming to Xbox? In spring 2023 the time has finally come. If you have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can play the game directly from the service when it is released. If you have completed the service for PC, it will even start in autumn of this year.

Valheim is a great surprise

Valheim was already a topic during the big showcase, but unfortunately only for players on PC. It is surprising that there is finally a message about an implementation for Xbox.

Crossplay Support: But that’s not all of the great information about the 2021 hit. Noisy official reports Crossplay is also supported by Twitter. This means that PC and consoles can play together if desired.

If you’ve never heard of Valheim and don’t know where the hype about the game came from, take a look here:

Valheim: Where is the hype coming from?


Valheim: Where is the hype coming from?

Will there also be an implementation for PlayStation and Switch? Unfortunately we have no reports here. So it may well be that Microsoft has at least secured a launch-exclusive deal. As soon as we find out more here, we will keep you posted.

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Valheim in a nutshell

The survival and exploration game started early access on PC in early 2021 and, despite its rather special look, it triggered a real hype.

It is played either alone or in co-op. At the core of the gameplay is fighting monsters, gathering resources, and building houses and even ships.

Are you looking forward to Valheim for Xbox and maybe you’ve already played it on PC? What was your impression?