Steam Next Fest once again brings hundreds of demos of new titles

Steam: ​New sale with many deals live &  Game preview with hundreds of demos

Numerous different games were presented at this year’s non-E3. These include, of course, triple-A blockbusters like Diablo 4, Street Fighter 6, a remake of Resident Evil 4, and many, many more. But some indie games were also given an appearance during the Summer Game Fest. For example, presentations like the Future Games Show, the Devolver Direct, and the Wholesome Games Show were all about smaller projects that might not otherwise get the attention they deserve.

If you are interested in games like the rogue-lite Cult of the Lamb, the post-apocalyptic building sim Terra Nil, the rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger, or any other indie title, then you can easily check them out now.

The Steam Next Fest has started on Steam. There are tons of demos of upcoming titles just waiting for you to download them. There will also be some live streams for the various games during the festival, which will hopefully contain a little more information about your favorite game.