Street Fighter 6 may have cross-play, but Capcom is keeping a low profile

Street Fighter 6 may have cross-play, but Capcom is keeping a low profile

Is there cross-play in Street Fighter 6? At least that’s what it looks like, although Capcom is still keeping a low profile on the subject.

As part of the Summer Game Fest, the game could be played on site for the first time. On top of that, cross-play is no stranger to the series, part five supports it on PC and PlayStation.

Cross play in Street Fighter 6

With Street Fighter 6, Capcom is also bringing players on Xbox Series X/S on board. According to Fighting Game YouTuber Maximillian Dood, the game supports cross-play.

Capcom does not want to confirm this yet: “As far as cross-play is concerned, we will announce more information and details over time,” a Capcom spokesman told Eurogamer. “This is something that is very close to our hearts, but we will discuss the specifics at a later date.”

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And what about rollback netcode?

The company is similarly reticent about a rollback netcode. Capcom hints that this feature will return improved in Street Fighter 6, but again, concrete details are lacking.

“Regarding the details of the rollback netcode, we will provide more details at a later date.”

A bizarre situation, especially since, according to our English Eurogamer colleagues, Capcom pointed out in the same interview that Street Fighter 6 wants to be more transparent to the community.

Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and PlayStation 4.

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