Don’t Disassemble Legendaries in Diablo Immortal: One extremely useful trader tends to be overlooked

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Diablo Immortal is all about the best loot and the perfect piece of gear. There is a very useful trader in the game that is of great help in creating builds, but is not explained through the guide: Essence Transfer. On MeinMMO we explain what the dealer brings you and why he is the best friend of Legendary hunters.

What is essence transfer? The merchant “Zamina” is located in the south of Westmarch and is responsible for the essence transfer in Diablo Immortal.

The mechanics let you save the legendary effects of the individual legendaries of a class and apply them to other legendaries. It’s actually pretty cheap and lets you rebuild Legendaries.

For example, in the case of the Necromancer, the legendary “Face Without Mouth” helmet becomes the “Crown of the Golden Belt” legendary. The new item inherits the attributes and magical effects of the old Legendary, but has the legendary effect of the new Legendary.

The two Legendaries just have to be the same piece of gear – a helm is always a helm. Otherwise, the mechanics are very player-friendly and let you try out a lot. You can find out exactly how this works here.

You can find out more about the important legendary gems in our video:

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Diablo Immortal: Essence Transfer makes for the best Legendaries

How does the extraction work? Take a Legendary that you no longer need and would actually disassemble. Open the map in Westmarch and look for “Essence Transfer” in the legend on the left. Now navigate to the dealer.

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Talk to the vendor and open the Essence Transfer menu. Legendary effects can be saved via the “Extract” option. Under “Legacy” you then rebuild the Legendarys.

Find the Legendary you have in your bag in the extract list and click on it. Place the item in the “Required materials” field and confirm it.

For 3,000 gold you extract the effect, the inserted legendary is destroyed. However, from now on you can always access the saved effect without restrictions.

First you pull you the essence from the Legendary.

How does the bequest work? Once you have saved/extracted the effect, you can now transform any Legendary from the corresponding equipment slot into the saved Legendary.

Attributes and magic effects remain as they are. But the appearance and legendary effect are carried over.

Click on the Legendary you want to change in the “Legacy” menu, select the Essence you want the Legendary to transform into in the next menu and you have the desired legendary effect on your item.

You can’t damage or lose anything here either: The “legacy” is free of charge and you can rebuild the item again. It’s even possible to restore the Legendary it was in the very beginning – without owning the Essence.

diablo immortal essence transfer example
After that, you carry over the legendary effect and appearance.

When can I disassemble my Legendaries? Three things should fit so that you can sand Legendaries without a guilty conscience:

  • You already have the legendary effect as an essence
  • The attributes and magic effects on the Legendary do not match
  • The Legendary’s general stats suck

Since you can rebuild any Legendary, you should completely ignore the legendary effects when evaluating the item.

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If attributes and magic effects are right, but you don’t have the legendary effect you want yet, put the item in the chest and pull it out again once you have the essence.

Diablo Immortal is very accommodating when it comes to rebuilding Legendaries. You can save effects and rebuild the items as often as you like – without additional costs.

However, once the class change mechanic is in play, you lose your Essence progression and have to grind the effects again. So choose your class wisely now: Diablo Immortal: Tier List – Which is the best class?