Call of Duty Warzone: Updates for Caldera – this is how the map should get better for Season 4

Call of Duty Warzone: This is the new map - starting with Season 4

The activation of the Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard is getting closer: The new season starts on June 22nd. About the short message service Twitter give the developers a preview of the patch notes for the upcoming updates that will be available for download shortly before the start of Season 4. One of the highlights in the battle royale shooter is the new map Fortune’s Keep, which promises fast-paced action on a smaller playing surface.

New map with Season 4 start

in one preview video you throw one Look at the new map – and gets to see, among other things, the individual areas of the map. In the north you make Keep the largest building on the island, in the east a winery, camp and lighthouse await you. Also stand Changes for Caldera – Here, too, the developers are playing individual optimizations with the start of Season 4. So they share on Twitter, including some Micro POIs to want to introduce, where you secure more loot.