Glitch lets you screw the coolest skins onto all weapons in CoD Warzone – Here’s how

Glitch lets you screw the coolest skins onto all weapons in CoD Warzone - Here's how

With a glitch you can screw the coolest skins on all weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone. Including even the Dark Aether skin from CoD: Cold War. You can find out how to trigger the glitch here on MeinMMO.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, weapon skins are as much a part of clumsy maneuvers as any shooter. Players have now found a glitch that allows you to move the best skins of the 3 CoD games that Warzone combines back and forth.

Damascus from CoD MW 2019 at Cold War’s FARA? No problem! Dark Aether from Cold War on Vanguard’s StG44 meta-weapon? Why not? This is what it looks like:

The StG 44 with Dark Aether Camo – Source: YouTube

Mastery camos serve as a reward in CoD and allow individual weapon designs. The only problem: Usually the skins can only be unlocked for certain weapons and within a game.

Dark Ather is one of the most popular camos from CoD Cold War and cannot normally be transferred to weapons in Modern Warfare and Vanguard. The exception: you use the following glitch to your advantage.

CoD Warzone: Glitch brings you the coolest skins

How does the glitch work? The procedure is quite simple. The only thing you need is another person who also plays Warzone and you both need the game CoD MW 2019.

  • Start Warzone while the other person is in a CoD MW2019 multiplayer lobby
  • Choose the weapon (1) you want the camo on
  • Create your own blueprint for the weapon (1)
  • Go into the weapon selection and the screen where you can select the saved blueprint – but don’t select the weapon blueprint (1).
  • From here, the other person invites you into their multiplayer lobby
  • Now select the blueprint
  • Leave the lobby and go back into Warzone
  • Go to the class with the weapon (1) and now find the weapon (2) that has the camo you want to transfer
  • With the new weapon (2) you go to the camos and look at the desired camo in the preview – do not select the camo, just the preview
  • In the preview, Person 2 invites you back to the lobby of CoD MW 2019
  • Press “Back” in the preview and you’re back to the weapon (1) you chose from in multiplayer
  • The camos of the weapon (2) can now be transferred to weapon (1).
  • Then save the blueprint of the weapon (1)

If you want to take a closer look at the glitch in the video, we include a German tutorial here:

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Does the glitch also work in Modern Warfare? Yes, you can also use the glitch with Modern Warfare weapons, which then use the skins in multiplayer.

In general, however, if you want to glitch the Dark Aether skin in Warzone, you should be quick. It can always happen that the developers put patches in future updates, so that the trick doesn’t work anymore.

Glitches can sometimes be incredibly annoying in games. However, with this glitch, players are happy that they can equip Dark Aether not only in Cold War. Many would wish they could apply all skins to all weapons.

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