NaissanceE: You can get this game permanently for free on Steam

NaissanceE: You can get this game permanently for free on Steam

Who in all announcements looking at his wallet stressed out at the Summer Game Fest, the Xbox and Bethesda presentations or the Capcom Showcase, he is particularly happy about fun games for free. In this regard, the regular free games on platforms like Epic or GOG come in handy.

On too Steam you regularly get games for free, but often only temporarily. You can find a free perennial favorite in NaissanceE: The puzzle game was released in 2014 and originally cost 15 euros, but in September 2018 the developer from the Limasse Five studio got in touch an update to word.

Free perennial favorite: The puzzle game NaissanceE doesn’t cost you a cent

There he wrote that he had been playing the game for some time give away wanted and now the time had come. He didn’t give a reason for his generous action, but he thanked the loyal fans who bought the game at the regular price and hopes that NaissanceE will now be discovered by even more players.

The project was successful: On Steam the puzzle title has after all a good 2500 reviews and comes to an overall very positive verdict. For a small and unconventional indie game with no major publisher behind it, that’s a respectable number, although the zero-euro price point certainly helped. For comparison: Here you can find our review of NaissanceE.

Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the unusual world of NaissanceE only faces the hurdle of pressing the download button and will then be presented with a approximately five hour journey rewarded with an enigmatic, monochrome world entirely in black and white. In addition to a few clever puzzles, this is what fascinates above all level architecture of the game.

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