PS Plus Premium takes platinum hunting to the next level with demo trophies

Soon it could rain massively cheap trophies.

Soon it could rain massively cheap trophies.

With PS Plus Premium, hunting for trophies on the PlayStation could take on a whole new form. On the one hand, studios have the possibility to add achievements to their old classics for the PS1 and PS2, and on the other hand, it has now been revealed that it will be possible to unlock trophies in the demos that you get access to with a premium subscription ( via PlayStation).

You can unlock trophies for hours at no additional cost with Premium

The new PS Plus is divided into three tiers: Essential, Extra and Premium. For the time being, Essential works like the previous PS Plus model, Extra offers access to hundreds of games for the PS4 and PS5 and Premium also comes with some classics from the PlayStation library and the demos mentioned. These are not game sections programmed specifically for the service, but the full versions that come with a time limit.

You can get all information about PS Plus Premium here:

Release date and info


PS Plus Premium Start

Release date and info

The hunt can begin: The demos are originally intended to let us take a look at the titles and then possibly buy them. It only makes sense that we can keep our saves and achievements.

For trophy hunters, however, the function opens up a completely new approach to their hobby: Collect as many PlayStation Trophies as you can within the given time limit. This could awaken the hunting instinct even more than before and create a whole new sport, because the hunters have to create a precise schedule in advance in order to maximize the number of trophies.

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More news on the topic:

These demos will be available at launch on June 22nd

How long you can unlock trophies: Most of the demos listed have a limit of two hours. It probably won’t be enough for a platinum with a full-price title, but you can get some light bronze trophies and the odd silver trophy in return. For a gold or even platinum trophy, you’ll have to buy the games willy-nilly if the campaign isn’t extremely short.

This also applies to the extended demos with a limit of five hourswhich will probably only be available for extensive titles like Horizon Forbidden West or Cyberpunk 2077.

Are you planning to boost your trophy bank with the PS Plus demos?