Redfall: Co-op story progression is bound to the host

Redfall: Co-op story progression is bound to the host

Story progression in Redfall’s co-op mode is tied solely to the host, developer Arkane has confirmed.

Arcane open-world shooter allows up to four players to fight together against vampires.

Story progression for one only

“Whoever hosts the session initiates it, for him the progress is his [Geschichte] persistent, but [für] other people he’s not”, explained Creative Director Harvey Smith. This does not apply to the characters and their progress or equipment.

“But when it comes to what missions you’ve unlocked and stuff like that, the host and your progression is important. If you team up with a friend who’s halfway through the game, play the second half of the game with them, then goes back and wants to play alone, you start at the beginning of the campaign.”

More news about Redfall:

According to Smith, they’re considering allowing players to skip missions they’ve already completed in co-op. In the end, however, they decided against it.

“When we started talking about it and working on it, we envisioned a scenario where every mission you played would have a checkmark so you get points for it as if you had already completed that mission. But then you have this weird problem where you say: I was playing with you guys, but now I’m playing alone, so I start playing through the campaign but I’m bumping into missions that I’ve already done, and it’s not about the flow of the game to disturb, you have to repeat it.”

“The story would be very confusing if you get to mission eight and it says skip it because you’ve already done it or something,” he says. “So we decided that your hero, gear, and experience points will always be persistent, but your mission flow will only be persistent if you’re the host.”

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According to Smith, Redfall should play alone “like a classic Arkane experience”. You can also use stealth elements to achieve your goals.

“It’s not a super hardcore stealth game, but stealth is a factor,” he says. “The AI ​​is based on sight and hearing. You can use stealth to gain an advantage or bypass the conflict to avoid a fight when you’re wounded or weak.”