Gameplay emerged: This GTA clone could have been a hit

Gameplay emerged: This GTA clone could have been a hit

Aside from an official announcement that GTA 6 is in development, rock star have not yet revealed anything about the latest offshoot of their draft horse. Instead, the internet is full of rumors about the next Grand Theft Auto, just yesterday we reported on an alleged twin pair as protagonists and the possible return of Vice City.

Anyway is GTA not only since part 5 the most successful game in its field. But in 2008, when GTA 4 had built a solid fan base but not yet cemented an audience of millions, there was still competition from other developers. Scarface: Empire for example, for which gameplay has now appeared for the first time.

Tony Montana’s failed return in Scarface: Empire

In which gameplay These are pre-alpha recordings, so it was very early in development at the time. Unfortunately, we will never know what the gameplay would have looked like in a finished game, after all work on the sequel was closed Scarface: The World Is Yours discontinued in 2009.

The YouTube channel Mafia Game Videos now gives us a glimpse into the past and shows us how the world of Las Vegas in the 1980s would have looked like. The developer studio was responsible at the time radical entertainmentwhich was bought by Activision and then used for other projects.

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In the video embedded above you get next to a bit gameplay You can also see all sorts of concept art taken from the various artists’ Artstation profiles, which can be found in the video description. The gameplay itself, on the other hand, is made up of different parts, in which you Title gangster Tony Montana in a gunfight and wild chase.