After the Gameboy version, Elden Ring is now also available for the SNES

Elden Ring: You will never be able to play this quest, but a youtuber restored it (1)

Some quality of From Software games makes players want to create demakes of the titles. For example, we’ve already seen a PS1 demake of Bloodborne in the past, and the accompanying Bloodborne kart, which finally makes the title playable on PC. From Software’s latest stroke of genius, Elden Ring, also received a demake for Gameboy, which you can play either in the browser or on a real Gameboy.

Elden Ring or Skin for Final Fantasy VI?

Now 64 Bits has released a new video in which they present their SNES demake of Elden Ring. Not only does the demake look true to the original, but they manage to capture the classic charm of old SNES titles.

Unfortunately, unlike the Gameboy version, the SNES demake cannot be played. The project is believed to be the seventh in a series of short demakes that 64 Bits is currently working on. Among other things, on the Youtube channel find a SNES demake for Bioshock Infinite, a Mass Effect demake for the Gameboy Advance, and a Monster Hunter demake for the Gameboy Color.

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