PlayStation Plus Premium in practice check – video

PlayStation Plus Premium in practice check - video


As of today, the renewed PS Plus is also available in Europe with the additional subscription levels Essential and Premium. Hagen has checked out the performance of PS Plus Premium for you.

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There used to be PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, but that’s a thing of the past. As of today, the revised PS Plus with the three subscription levels Essential, Extra and Premium is available in this country. We received premium access from PlayStation and in this video Hagen takes a close look at the services for you.

One of the most exciting innovations, which is only available to PS Plus Premium subscribers, is a games catalog with classics such as Everybody’s Golf and Oddworld – Abe’s Oddysey. In the video you can see how much comfort you can expect from the emulator, how many PS4 and PS5 titles are in the games catalogue, which you get from the extra level and you get recordings of streamed PS3 and PS4 titles Face.

Have fun!

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