The Electronic Wireless Show episode 192: the best weather in games special

The Electronic Wireless Show episode 192: the best weather in games special

It’s time once again for an episode of The Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This week Nate returns, but Matthew is away – and since he is the real agent of chaos, Nate and I have a remarkably sensitive conversation about different weather and seasons in a lot of games. Who’d have thought? not me And in fact there is weather in all sorts of places you wouldn’t expect to look.

Don’t worry, though, because we find time to talk about how our weeks have been, as well as a bit where I tell Nate there’s going to be a survival crafting game set in Moria and he gets excited. Also, stay tuned for a Cavern Of Lies where Nate does a lot of cowboy voices. And shout out to John for sending in cheery EWS fan game Aquarium Assault: Dark Day For A Dogfish!

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Music is by Jack de Quidt, who loves all kinds of weather.

As I note, Nate mostly likes little men games, but they have good weather. Something like Going Medieval, for example, or – very significantly – Frostpunk does a very good line in weather.

Other tiny men games with weather include the good people of RimWorld and their struggles against heat and cold, and the exciting exclamation marks of Dwarf Fortress.

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Nate also really likes the jungle environment in Diablo II, citing its great jungle atmos.

Sin Vega (RPS in peace) really loves Ostriv, a game which I have never played and yet still know it has great weather.

Minecraft has really great raine, and Kingdom Come Deliverance has good forests, although possibly by accident.

Metro Exodus and Oxenfree II have spooooky mist weather.

recommendations this week are the extremely lol Lostlike TV show Fromand the album To The Bone by Stephen Wilson