WoW: Guide to the Solstice Festival 2022 – with new toys!

WoW: Naxxramas is getting harder!  Devs via #somechanges for WotLK Classic (1)

The longest day of the year is traditionally celebrated in June, which also leaves its mark on the WoW heroes of Azeroth. From June 21, 2022 to July 5, 2022, the valiant heroes will dance around bonfires and dress up in fiery clothes to claim WoW Midsummer Festival achievements. There is also a special boss, Frostlord Ahune, who is only available during the Solstice festivities and has some cloaks and a staff in his pockets. The items have an item level of 158. Heroes can visit the boss itself via the dungeon finder. All important and useful information about the WoW Solstice Festival can be found in this guide.

Solstice Festival 2022: Better loot and new toys

Also this year, the Blizzard developers have adjusted the loot from event boss Ahune. The epic loot now has an item level of 210. In addition, there are now the following three items that the designers use to replace the effects of the midsummer’s robe.

Solstice Festival 2021: Ahune Loot and Emberhof Bonus

Once again, the developers have adjusted the loot from event boss Ahune. The epic loot (see update for 2019) now has an item level of 158. You can also use the Venthyr Emberhof making friends particularly efficiently at the moment. Theotar has placed a bonfire that you can right click to light to get the buff Herald of Theotar’s Flame to obtain:

“Significantly increased happiness for all guests. Doubled guest friendship gain during this Ember Court.”

Solstice Festival 2020: Adjusted the item level of Ahune loot

The Solstice Festival brings little that is new this year, but at least Blizzard has adjusted the item levels of the items that you can loot from event boss Ahune. The five cloaks and the Frostsickle staff now have item level 425.

Solstice Festival 2019: New loot for Ahune, new achievements for BfA

The five cloaks and the well-known Frostsickle staff can also be found in Ahune’s pockets again this year – but the Blizzard developers have adjusted the item level again, to 365.

In addition, you can now purchase a new hearthstone from the Solstice Festival vendor:

And of course, Blizzard has also placed bonfires in Kul Tiras and Zandalar for you to desecrate and flames for you to honor:

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Solstice Festival 2018: Ahune lures with loot at item level 880

Unlike last year, there are no new additions to the rewards, such as Fiery Flameling, which was added in 2017, but the loot from Frostlord Ahune has increased in item level: You can pick up loot with an item level of 880 at level 110 from the event boss Frostlord Ahune. Simply register via the dungeon browser – from level 20 you can mess with the frosty boss.

Solstice Festival 2017: New pet and toy

At the 2017 Solstice Festival you can in World of Warcraft (buy now ) get a new pet and a new toy. the pet Fiery Flameling you get as well as the toy matchbox at the event trader for the event currency burn blooms.

You can also get the event dealer Armor Protection for Worn Heirlooms for 600 burn blooms

There’s also good news for fans of transmogrification. Patch 7.2.5 released several event items for mogging.

  • Helm of the Solstice Festival
  • Summer costume
  • Summer sandals
  • Mantle of the Midsummer Festival
  • Crown of the Midsummer Festival