ESO Live on June 24, 2022 to High Isle with Lord of the Rings Star

TESO: High Isle is out today, June 21, 2022 on Playstation and Xbox (1)

from Karsten Scholz
For the voice actor cast of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, Zenimax and Bethesda were once again able to recruit a well-known actor. Billy Boyd, whom you may know from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, breathes life into the character of Brahgas. During the stream, the actor talks about his career, recording for TESO and more.

There are probably few games that can look back on such a well-known voice actor cast as is the case with The Elder Scrolls Online. John Cleese played the somewhat crazy Sir Cadwell in the main game, Queen Ayrenn was voiced by Kate Beckinsale. Abnur Tharn owes his voice to Alfred Molina. Fiesling Molag Bal has formed a special bond with Malcolm McDowell. And Troy Baker meanwhile even embodied several characters.