FIFA 22: Shapeshifters Team 2 is coming today – leaks promise top cards

FIFA 22: Shapeshifters Team 2 is coming today – leaks promise top cards

FIFA 22 continues with the Shapeshifters event in Ultimate Team. Today, June 24th, Team 2 will be released and we will show you which new top maps there could be according to leaks.

When is Shapeshifters Team 2 coming? This Friday, June 24th at 7:00 p.m., the new Shapeshifters cards from the 2nd team will appear in FUT 22.

What is this event? The Shapeshifters event brings new special cards to Ultimate Team, most notable for their insane position changes. For example, last week there was a crazy striker card for Alphonso Davies, who is usually found at left-back.

In addition, the cards receive massively boosted stats so that they also fit into the current top teams of FUT players.

How to get the new special cards: Mainly, the new Shapeshifters cards from Team 2 will be back in the FIFA 22 packs. However, it’s likely that some cards will also appear in the weekly quests or SBCs (Squad Building Challenges).

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 2 – Leaks show top cards

What are these leaks? The leaks come from the well-known FUT leaker Fut Sheriff (via Twitter), who has often hit the mark with his leaks. It is not known where the information came from.

Shapeshifters Team 2 could bring these crazy cards: Lauf Fut Sherrif there will be really crazy cards again this time. For example, striker cards for defenders Sergio Ramos (96) and Marcelo (97) appear in the leaks. There should also be an extremely strong winger card for Cristiano Ronaldo (99).

Here you can see the supposed team 2:

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However, keep in mind that this information is not officially confirmed and the finished team could end up looking very different.

The FIFA 22 season is slowly coming to an end – and FIFA 23 is getting closer. We’ll probably see a return of hero cards there. You can find out here which 12 heroes must be present in FIFA 23.