“Hell on Earth” – Strike in Destiny 2 drives players to despair with its mechanics

"Hell on Earth" - Strike in Destiny 2 drives players to despair with its mechanics

Anyone who plays Destiny 2 will sooner or later end up in the strike rotation of the Vanguard Ops. But while most of the strikes there are entertaining and fairly easy, there is one that drives many players to despair. To retire him from the content vault, they would even sacrifice raid exotics to Bungie. MeinMMO took a look at how and why the strike is currently dividing the Destiny community again.

This strike is about: There are quite a few strikes in Destiny 2 that can be played through the Vanguard Ops playlist in a random matchmade rotation. But while most are quick, easy, and don’t have mechanics to think about a lot, a strike is very different. “The Corrupted” has been making Destiny 2 players despair for years.

  • The Strike is set in the Dreaming City and the Keepers must find one of Queen Mara’s closest advisors, Sedia, and free her from the control of the Taken.
Sedia has the hardest bump and shove mechanics with floating platforms.

When its location appears on screen, the Guardians flee the activity, leaving their teammates behind. So reports Phiau, a fatherwho is now playing Destiny 2 with his son:

I went to play Strikes with my son today and we came across The Corrupted.
My son: “Oh, I hate that strike.”
I why?”
My son: “Because once it’s loaded, everyone goes.”

Sad, but these experiences are currently being made more frequently in Destiny 2 and there is a reason for that. “The Corrupted” was in the twilight rotation last week and has literally cost many players their nerves during that time.

The strike is unsuitable for a playlist with matchmaking: In the eyes of these players, “The Corrupted” is already “unreasonably long, annoying and an absolute drudgery”. As Dusk, with the additional modifiers, even more challenging. Then add matchmaking for the strike playlist, which is available on low difficulty levels, it is “hell on earth”.

  • If the players are randomly thrown together, it often happens that the special ball mechanics of the strike, which runs through the entire activity, are not taken into account.
  • In addition, the strike is very long and includes some “push-and-bump mechanics”, which makes it significantly more difficult to eliminate opponents and take down the boss “Sedia” quickly.
  • If the random and unsuspecting teammates don’t react to “ball throws”, are constantly pushed off the map or don’t know what to do and where to play safe, patience is gone.
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Some players therefore keep saying: This combination of lengthy strikes, ball mechanics and ignorant teammates is simply not suitable for a quick playlist activity and is also far too exhausting to want to play it voluntarily.

For this reason, the player Imagine_TryingYT is even willing to sacrifice everything in the associated reddit discussion if only the strike “The Corrupted” finally disappears forever in the content vault.

[…] I know we’ve been against in the past [den Content-Vault] were. But just this once, I think it’s perfectly fine if [Bungie] Delete “The Corrupted”. I give [Bungie ]What [sie wollen]. Erase my Titan, take all my Godrolls, take the hell my Vex Mythoclast. Please I will literally delete my account and start this game from scratch as long as I know I never have to touch this strike again. […]

The Strike “The Corrupted” takes place in the Dreaming City

The reason why there is no raid matchmaking

While the community on reddit calls for the strike to be moved to the content vault, Datto, the Destiny streamer and elite player, is appalled by this discussion and defends the strike “The Corrupted”.

I will not accept this slander against the corrupted.
This strike is great!

writes Datto, a well-known Destiny content creator via Twitter

For him, the activity is a terrific challenge, with good mechanics, and if there’s whining, it’s only because “a strike lasts longer than 8 minutes to get a top reward,” as he says.

Datto sees exactly such demands as the reason why in Destiny 2 the difficulty levels master, grandmaster and dungeon and raid activities have not received matchmaking to date.

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Strike has been in the game since 2018 and a majority of players still don’t know how to play it properly. Among them are apparently also the players who want a corresponding matchmaking for the endgame, but don’t want to learn anything about it themselves.

On reddit Destiny players express how 1AMA CAT AMAcritical of this “mechanical resistance” of her fellow guardians and the demand that the Corrupted should be in “Bungie’s Moth Vault” because of it.

All they want is a horde mode with trash tier mobs that they can farm without difficulty with the trinity ghoul going on forever and giving them guaranteed loot. Then they wonder why they are bored of the game 2 days later.

Explanations in the game are not a solution: Some players point out that there are no hints in the game how to play the mechanics in the corrupted one exactly and that one is therefore clueless. Bungie could therefore integrate a hints tab in the game, as happened recently with the Gambit game rules, which explains the game mechanics in detail.

However, Destiny 2 has been following the “concept of discovery” for years. Players should find out for themselves how something works in the game and learn something new. That’s more exciting than knowing immediately how something works. That’s why day-one dungeons and raids have been so popular for years.

Once discovered, word of the game’s new mechanics gets around very quickly in the community. You can watch them on Twitch or YouTube, read about them in guides, or play in the fireteam and find out for yourself. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you want it.

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However, in the case of the Corrupted strike, this didn’t work well because the orbs do damage even when they’re not charged, like the player RC_0001RC_0001 notes. So maybe the solution would be much simpler, with Bungie changing the mechanics in a way that forces the player to understand the mechanics and use them properly.

[…] guardians, the [die Mechanik] don’t keep track of or don’t have Datto’s phone number, just throw the ball at the enemy shields. […] She’ll do enough damage that it’s not clear they’re doing anything wrong, so they’ll keep doing it. And there’s nothing we can do to stop them from getting the bullet first.

In the Vanguard Ops, 3 players take on small short missions called “Strikes”.

How the orb mechanic works in the “The Corrupted” strike

How does the bullet mechanic work in Strike? For all those who would like to do better from now on, we are happy to explain the exact ball mechanics of the “The Corrupted” strike, which then makes the activity easier and more relaxed overall:

  • At various points in the Strike, such as in the elevator, players can pick up special orbs. They are necessary, because only with them can the shields of the opponents be broken in this strike.
  • Not only can you pick up and throw these balls, but you can also throw them to other teammates.
  • The damage output is maximized for each throw. This is possible up to 3 times per ball.
  • Charged orbs whirr and radiate. When the whirring is at its loudest, you can throw them to get maximum damage.

How do you personally feel about the strike “The Corrupted”. Would it be better for you to move the content to the content vault right away? Of course, you are welcome to tell us in the comments whether you already knew about the secret ball mechanism at Sedia or not. And whether you are ready to learn mechanics and processes in Destiny 2 or you prefer to let yourself be carried out.