How could RTL2 series have such a lasting impact on our gaming taste?

How could RTL2 series have such a lasting impact on our gaming taste?

We’re celebrating a small anniversary! Our Newscasts has them tenth episode reached. Yay! There are also gifts for everyone – in the form of all kinds of indies that are currently available for free on a wide variety of platforms. Melanie, Judith and Ana have sifted through countless lists of little games to capture a few of the ones that are really worth your time. Starting with 34 indies available to play through on Xbox’s own little summer festival.

In addition to the titles mentioned in the video, we unfortunately didn’t have time for “Stuffed”, “Despot’s Game” or “Lost Ruins”, but we still didn’t want to let you miss these demos in case you get bored for a few hours this weekend. But Xbox’s indie summer party doesn’t stop there. Prime Gaming also has all sorts of things on offer and in addition to the well-known AAAs you shouldn’t overlook indies like “Rain World”, “The Darkside Detective” or “HUE”. And then there’s the Game Pass: The “Shadowrun Trilogy”, “FIFA 22”, “Farcry 5” and “Naraka: Bladepoint” cover a lot of target groups who don’t want to set foot outside during hot days.

When we talk about Free-2-Play, there is currently no way around Fall Guys. The three of us tried our hand at the game right away this week and found that the colorful beans aren’t as fun on every platform. Even though the servers are back up and running after day one, Fall Guys has one major performance issue on the Switch – even if it’s easy to play with friends. Which platform did you choose for a few short rounds of Takeshi’s Castle and how well did the game work for you?

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