7 vs Wild: Fritz Meinecke defends Knossi participation – “Sometimes shut up”

7 vs Wild: Fritz Meinecke defends Knossi participation – "Sometimes shut up"

How bold is Knossi’s surprise participation in 7 vs Wild Season 2? Fritz Meinecke has harsh words for the critics.

Berlin – Knossi is the most prominent participant in the second season “7 vs. Wild”. Survival expert Fritz Meinecke is now responding to the Twitch streamer’s commitment. In the emotional video, the creator of the hit series on YouTube assesses the dangers of the trip, but also clearly targets critics. Because Knossi polarizes the community.

Full name Jens Knossalla
Known as Knossi
birthday July 7, 1986
Place of birth malsh
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of June 2022)
Followers on Twitch 2 million (as of June 2022)

7 vs Wild: Criticism for Knossi? Now Fritz Meinecke comments on the twitch king

This is how Knossi causes a stir: In order to generate as much hype as possible for 7 vs. Wild, Knossi, the German twitch king, is at the start of the 2nd season of the YouTube series. Jens “Knossi” Kossala’s confirmation of 7 vs. Wild caused quite a stir. Now survival professional and “7 vs. Wild” inventor Fritz Meinecke has commented on Knossi’s participation.

In his reaction video, Meinecke celebrates his first candidate, assesses the dangers, but also finds harsh words. Among other things, the sentence “Sometimes shut up too‘ on YouTube towards the camera.

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Why does Meinecke react like this? Jens Knossala offends during his performances. He wears a crown, gained fame through gambling streams and reacts very emotionally, always overexcited. This offers a large attack surface. For many, Knossi is an entertainer, but not a survival fighter who can get by alone in the wild. Knossi also had to be promptly reassured by his mother. Just the thought of wild animals scares the streamer, leading him to comment, “I do not wanna die“ moved.

Just thinking about wild animals makes Knossi afraid of 7 vs. Wild

© Twitch: TheRealKnossi/Unsplash/7vsWild/Unsplash (montage)

Meinecke now wants to put a stop to the critics who attacked Knossi for this reason. Therefore he asks her in the video with unusual seriousness to leave Knossi in peace. The outdoor professional continues to react really emotionally in the video, even has goosebumps and classifies the dangers for the participants around Knossi as 7 vs. Wild.

Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild: How dangerous will it be for Knossi and Co?

These dangers await the participants: According to Fritz Meinecke, 7 days and nights alone in the wilderness of a tropical island is not a holiday. The new season of 7 vs. Wild doesn’t take place in cool Sweden again, but on a deserted tropical island. The inventor Meinecke is also taking part in the challenge himself. In a reaction video to Knossi’s decision, he assesses the situation:

  • Knossi’s biggest fear, according to him, is isolation. The streamer says he’s never been alone for so long and probably never had anyone to talk to for 7 days in his life.
  • Fritz Meinecke can only agree with the fear of being alone. The burden on the mind cannot be underestimated. In the video, he also slips a malicious “he’s mentally through“ in the direction of Knossi.
  • When Knossi talks to his girlfriend about the dangers of the trip, Fritz Meinecke gives dry tips on how to fight crocodiles. As if such a scenario is quite conceivable.
  • At the end of the risk analysis, however, it says that you always try to have rescuers at least in the approximate vicinity. However, the participants must carry their GPS trackers with them, otherwise they cannot be found.
  • According to Fritz Meinecke, the danger level is 50/50 – “Not ultra-dangerous, only dangerous” is it[called
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Fritz Meinecke reacts to Knossi – what does the community say about 7 vs. Wild?

This is what the viewers write: Meinecke’s announcement seems to have worked. Because under the video, which has now been clicked more than 730,000 times (as of 06/24/22), the community is talking quite positively about Knossi. In the more than 2,000 comments we read expressions of the courage of all participants in 7 vs. Wild. Some viewers also seem to have discovered one or the other tear in Fritz Meinecke when streamer Knossi agrees emotionally.

Louisa Cyphre writes as an example: “I think it’s great that Knossi has agreed – very brave decision! And he’s right: if he ‘fails’, he still hasn’t failed because he tried. That alone counts! I wouldn’t have the courage, so hats off!“.

MontanaBlack, Knossi’s friend and streamer colleague, would have liked to have been at 7 vs. wild himself, but unfortunately he wasn’t the first to be asked. Who can still be admired in the fight against nature at the end of 2022 and face the dangers? 7 vs. Wild Season 2: All participants in Fritz Meinecke’s survival series

List of rubrics: © Chris Emil Janßen/Imago/Fritz Meinecke/Unsplash (Montage)