Netflix: Blockbusters fly in June 2022 from the program

The Empress

from Matthias Brueckle
While Netflix subscribers can look forward to new additions to the streaming service every month, it’s always time to say goodbye. In June 2022, for example, we will part with the Harry Potter films again. The video reveals more strips that you should watch soon before they disappear again!

In June 2022 we will again have to cope with the loss of some blockbusters on Netflix. Because the licenses for each flick aren’t indefinite – Netflix’s programming is constantly on the move, with a mix of new arrivals and disappearing films. Among other things, Netflix subscribers will again lose access to all Harry Potter films in June 2022. It’s a shame, because the inclusion of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts was a huge cause for celebration among Wizarding World fans. But it’s not just these films that you should have seen again before July, hits like King Kong and The Hobbit will soon no longer be available. Scroll down to see all the movies leaving Netflix in June 2022 at a glance!

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