Pokémon GO: At Community Day with Kapuno you should definitely choose the right buddy

Pokémon GO: At Community Day with Kapuno you should definitely choose the right buddy

On June 25, 2022, Community Day will take place in Pokémon GO with Kapuno. But you should definitely take a very specific monster as a buddy. We at MeinMMO will show you which Pokémon it is and why it can be worthwhile for you.

What kind of event is it? Saturday, June 25, 2022 is Pokémon GO’s June Community Day with Kapuno. During this event, you can encounter the Dark and Dragon Pokémon Kapuno anywhere in the wild.

But it can be worthwhile if you not only give your Kapuno full attention during the event, but also a special buddy Pokémon. We explain why.

Use Pam-Pam as a buddy for Community Day with Kapuno

Many trainers use the monthly Community Days to explore their surroundings and thus let their buddy Pokémon travel with them. But on C-Day with Kapuno, you shouldn’t choose this buddy lightly. It is advisable to bet on pam-pam.

Why should you use Pam-Pam? Pam-Pam is a fighting Pokémon from the 6th generation of games. You can find it mainly in the 12 km eggs and occasionally in raids. The little panda can also be further developed into pandagro.

Pam Pam and Pandagro

And this is where your buddy Pokémon comes into play. In order to be able to develop Pam-Pam, you need 50 candies, but you also have to catch 32 Dark Pokémon together with the Fighting Pokémon. You do that by taking Pam-Pam as your buddy.

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The C-Day with Kapuno is an excellent way to collect the dark Pokémon as quickly as possible and to be able to develop Pam-Pam in this way. Kapuno is a Dark and Dragon type monster. Since it spawns on every corner during the event, the 32 required copies are reached quickly.

Is Pandagro worth it? The monster is not particularly strong, because it can only score with a good endurance value. It’s pretty average in attack and defense. Therefore, it plays in the PvP battles according to PvPoke rather a subordinate role and in raids you should rather rely on the 10 best combat attackers. Pandagro is therefore particularly worthwhile for registering in the PokéDex.

What else should you consider for C-Day with Kapuno?

In addition to the buddy Pokémon, it is also worthwhile to rely on a suitable mega development. If this is active during capture, you will receive an additional candy if the captured monster belongs to the same type.

In addition, you get an attack bonus in battles when you use monsters with attacks of the same type. This could be of particular interest to you after the Community Day with Kapuno, because then Pokémon GO will bring back the level 4 raids, albeit with one restriction.

So you can only compete against Duodino, the first advancement of Kapuno, on site. This is particularly weak against fairy attacks, as well as fighting, ice, bug and dragon attacks. It is definitely worth having the right counters with you.

Which Mega Evolution should you bet on? If you want to use the Mega Evolution with Kapuno against Duodino after Community Day, then Mega Altaria is particularly worthwhile. This is one of the Dragon and Fairy type Pokemon.

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If you don’t have this monster, you can alternatively bet on other mega dragons, such as Mega Ampharos, Mega Latias or Mega Latios. If you are not interested in the raids, you will also get the additional candy when you catch Mega Charizard X, Mega Gyarados, Mega Houndemon or Mega Absol.

You can find more helpful tips for Community Day with Kapuno in our guide:

Pokémon GO: Community Day in June with Kapuno – This is how you use it properly

Will you use the Community Day with Kapuno? Which Mega Pokémon will you use? And do you plan to develop a pandagro during the event? Let us know in the comments here on MeinMMO.

The first live event for the GO Fest will also take place in a few days. We’ll show you which new ultra beast you can encounter in Berlin.