V Rising: Update brings new features and fixes, what does the patch bring?

V Rising still enjoys great popularity. The survival game with a vampire setting was released shortly after the release overnight to the Steam hitalthough it is still under active development.

The development team of Stunlock Studios regularly provides the title with new updates to polish the gaming experience and minor problems to fix. Also the latest updates again delivers new features and a few bug fixes. We summarize all changes for you.

V Rising: bug fixes and improvements

With the Patch 0.5.42236 “V Rising” will be expanded again with a few smaller features. However, these only have an indirect effect on the gameplay. Here is an excerpt from the patch notes:

  • It became a new one admin commanddecayusercastles‘ added, which causes all castles owned by a target player to decay.
  • The files adminlist.txt and banlist.txt are now loaded from both the default settings folder and the local override settings folder. These files are now always stored in the local overrides folder.

So it’s more like improvementsthat work around the game itself. At the same time, however, some existing problems Fixed:

  • A crashwhich could occasionally occur when destroying castles, has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes use the Another player’s client could crash if used with the console command “claninvite‘, even though you weren’t in a clan.
  • Fixed an issue where you duplicate items could by reviving and killing minions in a specific way.
  • Of the RCON socket now binds to the bind address if specified. There is also a special RCON binding address that overrides the default address. See the dedicated server documentation for more details.
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V RisingV Rising: Steam update brings optimized graphics options

This should make the game overall a little more liquid to run. Last but not least, an issue that was annoying many players has been fixed:

  • Wood, Stone, and Plant Fiber no longer block players when using Waygates or Bat Form

So the developers are still working hard-working on the state of “V Rising”, although this time no new ones Gameplay Elements have been implemented.