Warzone: Free Battle Packs with PS Plus – Here’s how to grab the free pack

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Warzone players can once again look forward to gifts. There are currently two free Battle Royale battle packs available. Here’s how to get them.

Santa Monica, California – Attention Warzone players. There are gifts for the Battle Royale from Activision again. With PS Plus, you can currently get two free battle packs. Not only do they contain cosmetic content, but also some useful blueprints. Fans should not miss these. How to get the free battle packs for Warzone with PS Plus.

name of the game Call of Duty Warzone
Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publishers Activision
series Call of Duty
developer Raven Software
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter

Warzone: dust off free battle packages with PS Plus – that’s in it

How to get the Free Battle Packs? Before the start of Warzone Season 4 there are gifts for players again. Getting the free PS Plus Battle Packs for Warzone is easy. All you need is an active subscription to PS Plus. On PS5 or PS4, open the PS Plus menu and select Exclusive Discounts. There you will find the two free battle packs for Warzone. Once you’ve added them to your library, they’ll be available to you.

Warzone: PS Plus brings players two free battle packs

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What’s in the Free Battle Packs? The free battle packs that PS Plus players get for Warzone contain some cosmetic content. Among other things, there is an operator skin. The Odyssey Free Battle Pack is also valid for CoD Vanguard, and the Fleet Free Battle Pack is also valid for Black Ops Cold War. The exact contents can be found here in the overview.

Warzone: Get free battle packs with PS Plus – more innovations are coming

What else is new about Warzone? In Warzone, the fourth season together with CoD Vanguard is coming up. A lot is about to change in Battle Royale. In addition to the free battle packs from PS Plus, players can also expect a cooperation with a popular Hollywood franchise. Terminator comes to Warzone Season 4 and brings skins with it. In addition, the Battle Pass for Warzone Season 4 also promises some exciting content.

What else is new on PS Plus? Not only Warzone is facing a change. The new PS Plus starts today, June 22, 2022. From now on there will be PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, all of which bring different benefits. PS Plus Extra and Premium include up to 700 games in the catalogue. Subscribers are well taken care of here. Since Warzone requires a subscription, it’s worth checking out – even more so with the new free battle packs in PS Plus.

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