Xbox controller supply bottlenecks

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Difficult to get

The Xbox controller is currently difficult to obtain. Microsoft admits delivery problems and promises to get better soon.


Xbox controllers are hard to find at the moment.

Currently, not only does the general Console Shortage Creating gaming fans, but apparently also Delivery problems with the controllers. At least the Xbox controller is currently hard to come by.

The gamepad is currently in many shops sold outeven in the official shop of Microsoft it is not available in any colour. only up Amazon some controllers are still available, but more expensive than before.

Not only Germany is affected by the delivery bottlenecks. In Whole europe reports of poor availability are piling up. Microsoft itself responded to the problems and admitted to the website Video game chronicle to try to improve the situation as quickly as possible.

Sony has also had problems with the availability of controllers in the past. The DualSense was sold out almost everywhere at the end of 2021. In both cases, presumably manufacturing problems the components to blame as well as the disrupted supply chains due to the pandemic, war, etc.

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Laura Pippig

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