Anti-Cheat from CoD Warzone has been trolling cheaters for months – they are now fighting back on a new map

Anti-Cheat from CoD Warzone has been trolling cheaters for months - they are now fighting back on a new map

Call of Duty: Warzone has thwarted cheaters for months and really trolled them, but recently there have been reports of unfair players ruining the fun of others.

How did Warzone troll the cheaters? Ricochet, Call of Duty: Warzone’s anti-cheat system, has done a good job for months and has ensured a largely fair gaming experience. Some of the anti-cheat measures of CoD: Warzone can definitely be described as trolling:

  • Disarm: The disarm mechanic immediately takes away all weapons from the cheater and leaves him helpless on the battlefield.
  • Damage Shield: The Damage Shield grants honest players a protective shield, which reduces the damage of shots from a player identified as a cheater.
  • Cloaking: The cloaking mechanic gives players a cloak when hit by an identified cheater’s shots. This camouflage makes the fair players invisible.

If you haven’t got around to playing the new map yet, you can take a look at Fortunes Keep on MeinMMO without being confronted with cheaters:

CoD Warzone finally shows more of the new map in Season 4 – trailer and pictures of Fortune’s Keep

Cheating problem: “Reminds me of the good old days”

Here’s how the cheaters are fighting back: In the social networks such as reddit and Twitter, there have been increasing reports of cheaters lately. Besides players exploiting a bug in the new Fortunes Keep map, there are also videos of players apparently using cheating software.

Reddit user bwash407 shared a video of him watching another player engage in incredible long-distance gunfights in many different directions, while seeming to know the exact location of players hundreds of meters away, out of his field of view .

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The video captioned bwash407 with the words “Ricochet must be on vacation this week…” referring to Warzone’s anti-cheat system. He then continued in the comments, “Reminds me of the good old End of Verdansk days.

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“Has the anti-cheat stopped working?”

What are other players saying about the current situation? The reddit post drew attention, garnering almost 100 comments in a day. Many of them report similar, frustrating gaming experiences. Similar statements can also be read on Twitter. MeinMMO summarizes some statements from Warzone players about the cheating problem.

What can you do against cheaters? Ricochet usually does a good job. Since there isn’t much you can do about cheaters yourself, you should definitely use the report function and hope that the anti-cheat system will troll the cheating players again.

Alternatively, of course, despite the frustrating situation, stay calm and friendly, check the list of the best weapons and setups of the current meta on MeinMMO and then show the cheaters where the hammer is.

What is your current impression of Warzone? Have you encountered more cheaters in the last few days or weeks or have you been spared so far? Write it to us on MeinMMO in the comments!