Fortnite and Fall Guys: How to get a free skin and 4 gifts

Fortnite and Fall Guys: How to get a free skin and 4 gifts

Today, June 29th, the collaboration between Fortnite, Rocket League and Fall Guys starts. With him you will have the opportunity to get five items for free. We show you the items and what you have to do for them.

What is this event? Fortnite and Fall Guys are collaborating and giving you five free items in Fortnite for this event. Including a skin and four other items.

Since Fall Guys is free on all platforms, you have the opportunity to earn these five items quickly and easily. We’ll show you how.

5 items for Fortnite including a cool skin

The items in this promotion all have something to do with Mancake, a walking pancake. These are a sticker, a spray, a back bling, a bat and a skin.

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The leaker Shiina summarizes all items together

There are these items:

  • Major Mancake – Skin
  • Waffler – Back Bling
  • Sweet Clementine – Racket
  • Stacked with Love – Emoticon
  • stacked! – Spray

how to get them For this you have to go to Fall Guys. Once you have downloaded the game, you will be asked which account you would like to use to log in.

When you sign up, you must choose an Epic Games account that is also linked to your Fortnite account. If you’ve done that, all you have to do is play Fall Guys.

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Here are all the stages in which you can unlock the items:

  • Play 10 rounds in any show – Reward: Spray
  • Play 20 rounds in any show – Reward: Emoticon
  • Play 40 rounds in any show – Reward: Bat
  • Play 70 rounds in any show – Reward: Back Bling
  • Play 100 rounds in any show – Reward: Skin

The tasks are kept simple and only require you to play any show in Fall Guys. Shows refer to the internal rounds of a game. You take part in five shows in one round – so you only have to be in all five shows for 20 rounds to unlock the skin.

The tasks run until July 11th

When does the event end? Collaboration runs until July 11th. You can view the timer in Fall Guys Quests.

What do I do if I missed the event? You have a total of 11 days and 18 hours to earn all of the rewards. (as of June 29). So if you missed the event, the items will probably never be playable again.

What do you think of this action? Will you treat yourself to all the items and if so, what do you think of Fall Guys? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!