Lost Ark now uses a CAPTCHA system when fighting bots

Lost Ark: This is how you make legion raids with the arcanist unsafe right after the release (1)

After several postponements and disappointed fans, the long-awaited June update for the MMORPG Lost Ark finally arrives this week. We already knew that the new Legion raid Vykas would be available, and Amazon also recently stated that the improved honing chances in the Stronghold are also coming to us in the west with the June update. The patch was generally received very positively by the community, even if they had to wait a little longer for this one.

Amazon continues to fight bots in Lost Ark

One change that was not previously announced is interesting. In their ongoing fight against bots, Amazon adds to the game now add a CAPTCHA system. This should probably come into effect when players enter a new zone:

“Added a CAPTCHA system as an ongoing measure to prevent bots. When entering a new zone, you may be prompted to submit a CAPTCHA text response within a few minutes.”

Not all players should be affected by the CAPTCHA system, but in the official forums for the title and also on Reddit, some users are already questioning the effectiveness of the new system. Many bots have not been stopped by CAPTCHA for a long time, which is why this system is supposed to be rather annoying for real players. For example, if you want to quickly take the area boss with you, but first have to fill out a CAPTCHA, this can get pretty annoying in the long run.

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