Windows: Prevent installation suggestion for Windows 11 upgrade

Windows 11 - we have prepared information about the installation, requirements and features as well as a small practical test.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are quite similar, so for those looking to upgrade to Windows 11, upgrading your existing Windows 10 is a good choice. Our author has already done this with several PCs and notebooks and has not had any negative experiences so far. But some people still prefer to stay with Windows 10. But Windows 10 keeps reporting that the PC is suitable for Windows 11 – in some cases Windows 10 is already downloading the necessary files and offers an immediate or scheduled installation of the upgrade – this annoys some users, who does not want to change (yet). One way to prevent this describes the site PCGamer.

First of all, as an all-clear: Without a clear OK, including approval of the EULA, the upgrade will not simply install itself. But the hint that the PC is suitable or even ready for the upgrade will always appear. With a so-called group policy, if you have the Pro version of Windows (buy now ) 10 uses, or with a normal Windows 10 version by changing the registry, the notification can be permanently switched off. In the case of such interventions, it is always the case that you carry them out at your own risk. It cannot be ruled out that something will go wrong or that the changes will become a problem for a future Windows 10 update. You can use both procedures on the already linked website PCGamer or also translated into German at MyMMO see in detail.

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