Modder creates open world Simpsons game, won’t let you play it

Simpsons: Hit &  Run: Fan working on a remake using the Unreal Engine (1)

A few months ago we reported on a very dedicated fan who was working on a remake of the classic title The Simpsons: Hit & Run based on the Unreal Engine. The footage on display looked so impressive that even the original’s lead designer, Joe McGinn, shared his excitement about the project.

Some time has passed since then, and developer Reuben Ward’s remake only looks more impressive. in one new 17-minute videowhich has now been viewed by over a million people, the developer presents his progress and explains how much effort has actually been put into this project.

The game actually looks like a modern title from 2022. Ward added an open world to Hit & Run and promised some improvements in the future. For example improvements to the vehicles, an online multiplayer mode, and a quest system. Simpsons: Hit & Run fans would of course like to explore the world of the game themselves, but the odds are not very good. There is still no sign of an official remake of the title, and as Ward explains, his project is purely for entertainment and will never be available for download.