According to the report, Skate 4 will be presented in July

fans of skateboard games don’t have it easy at the moment. While several fun sports titles were released annually in the 2000s, the market has since shrunk. A beacon of hope for many Skate 4which aims to revive the series after the last entry from 2010.

The game has been with for quite some time EA under development, but no official material is available yet. According to an insider report, that is about to change. Still in July there could therefore be a separate presentation.

Skate 4: Presentation next month

Of the report comes from the well-known leaker Tom Henderson, which has proven to be a reliable source several times in the past. The information should come directly from a Employee of the developing studio.

“Skate 4” should therefore be easy skate are hot and are more advanced in development than previously assumed. At the presentation should first game play be shown and selected press employees may also use the title for try for a short time. Of the release could then early 2023 follow.

Beacons of hope for many fans

With skate and the Tony Hawk games there were two major series in the ’00s that brought skateboarding action into living rooms and garnered a lot of fans. After 2010, however, the sub-genre became quieter and quieter.

Skate 4Skate 4: Release for PC officially confirmed now

In recent years, however, the trend seems to be reversing a little. In 2020 they came remastered-Versions of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 1+2 and in the OlliOlli games can at least be skated in 2D.

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With “Skate 4” the second big series is to be woken up from its slumber. The three predecessors had managed to take the sport with one open world and one accessible controls to put in the spotlight. Together with friends could online new parks built and just get left behind. The hopes for the new part are correspondingly high.

How do you feel about that? Are you looking forward to “Skate 4”? Please leave us a comment about it.