MMORPG now promotes Pay2Win – Whoever spends the most even gets a prize

MMORPG now promotes Pay2Win – Whoever spends the most even gets a prize

In the MMORPG Lineage 2 from publisher NCSoft there are always Pay2Win discussions. A new event is also included in this, which brings with it a bizarre leaderboard that is torn up in the community. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What does the leaderboard show? In the MMORPG Lineage 2 from publisher NCSoft, there are regular events that involve opening certain chests. The content of these loot boxes varies depending on the event, but it is always randomly rolled.

Although you can also buy the boxes for a very high price of in-game currency, it is probably wanted by the publisher and it is also common for you to open the boxes with the game’s real money currency and try your luck.

The game then shows the 150 players in a global leaderboard who have opened the most of these chests and therefore also who paid the most money.

In another MMORPG from the publisher, you can use music to eliminate your enemies:

MMORPG Blade & Soul features a new class that attacks enemies with musical instruments

If you pay a lot, you win: And as if a leaderboard of the people who put the most money into the game wasn’t strange enough, the “biggest spender” also wins something. Exactly what that person wins also varies with the currently running event. But if you weren’t lucky with the loot boxes, you can get some luck with 10,000 euros.

Because if you look at the current leaderboard on the Chronos server, the winner of the event opened 14,966 loot boxes in 6 days. That would equate to €12,903 if you bought all of the crates with real money currency. Even the user in second place barely cracked the 10,000 euro mark.

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In total, all top donors on the Chronos and Naia servers opened boxes worth €125,811.13. And that in just 6 days. That’s enough money to buy the optional monthly premium pass for 8,387 months, which could also explain why NCSoft runs these events quite frequently, even several times a month.

“It’s just crazy”

How is the community reacting? While many players on reddit are shocked by the leaderboard, there are also fans who are positive about the topic. The proponents agree that transparency is important in such a system. However, other voices are of the opinion that something like this could destroy the game in the long term and that Free2Play players feel even more defeated.

Some users don’t find the system itself that bad, but worry that it might put off new players. Such leaderboards, mechanics and the discussions around it would ensure that MMORPG fans stay away from the game.

Another opinion in the community is that such events and mechanics help to keep the MMORPG alive, even if it doesn’t have that many users anymore. This way the people who love the game can pay to keep it going. However, this opinion also gets a lot of criticism from other fans.

In general, one can say that the community of active players does not view the topic as critically. Unlike the reddit users who look at the system from the “outside”.

What are the fans saying? As usual, we would like to give you some of the user comments so that you can form your own opinion:

  • Kadden_ ​​writes (via reddit): “Players frequently stumble into our Lineage 2 Discord asking things about the game. Then they run away as soon as they see something like that. It’s tragic to see one of the best MMORPGs ever turned into a flashing casino.”
  • Belligero writes (via reddit): “Transparency is always nice and I actually find the system interesting. As someone who regularly pours a lot of money into MMORPGs, that would put me off spending more.”
  • kazurengan says (via reddit): “This is the same company responsible for Throne and Liberty. That really doesn’t make me optimistic and it’s just a shame.”
  • LeClassyGent keeps it short (via reddit): “This is just crazy.”
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What do you think of the system? Would you pay money to be on this leaderboard? Do you think it’s good that transparency is created? Would such a mechanic encourage you to spend more money, or not? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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