YouTuber Marvin fools greedy influencers again

Attention, Rockstar: This is exactly what a GTA 3 remake should look like

When YouTuber and web video producer Marvin Wildhage published a video on YouTube about a year ago entitled “Influencers advertise my fake product”, the whole campaign made waves. Because the 25-year-old bared in it Influencers who apparently do everything for quick money – also an obvious one promote fake product, the ingredients of which are said to include uranium (!). In this context, one became particularly popular Video by Leon Machère, who saw through Marvin and tricked him himself. so Marvin Wildhage strikes again – and bare again greedy influencers, who seem to have learned nothing from the last action.

Influencers promote fake film

Marvin doesn’t have any this time alleged miracle cream advertised by influencers, which is actually just a very simple lubricant and of course does not contain any radioactive and dangerous substances such as uranium. Instead, the YouTuber now has a short one Fake film produced.

“A-Hole”, the title of the intentionally terribly produced strip without any sense, is marketed as Alleged art-house thriller set to hit theaters in 2023. Of course that will never happen. Still, they let influencers in on it Promote a film on Instagram for a fee and pretend they’ve already seen the movie. That is lied though.

Influencers are supposed to lie – and they do

Marvin and his team also organized a film premiere, which was held in the Berlin Zoopalast and was attended by many fake employees, hostesses and journalists also some Influencers invited became.

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“Basically, not much happens in the film itself,” says Marvin. And what can be seen doesn’t really make any sense. But that’s exactly what it’s all about, “that the influencers also find the film cool, but because they get money for it, still say he’s good”.

Influencer has learned nothing

And indeed, like back then, we have “Hydro Hype” fake some again Influencer committed, to promote the movie “A-Hole”. Including Vanessa Mariposa, the one with it falls for the scam again. She was already fooled by the fake cream, but at the time protested that to have learned from it. Apparently that didn’t happen.

In her Instagram story, she claims to have already seen the film and think it’s great. Unfortunately, since she is on vacation, they cannot attend the premiere in Berlin. That is insofar a lie, Marvin explains in his unveiling video on YouTube that the short film had not even been finished producing at the time of this Instagram story.