WoW: If you have Amazon Prime, you can get cool transmog right now

WoW: If you have Amazon Prime, you can get cool transmog right now

As a fan of World of Warcraft, you can grab a few very exclusive transmog helmets if you use Amazon Prime. We reveal how it works.

A few weeks ago we already reported that Blizzard is working with Amazon to do some promotions for their own games. For this you use the “Prime Gaming” offer. Here customers can unlock various bonuses in their games – and now also in World of Warcraft. There are cool transmog items to start with that should already look familiar to some veterans…

What are these transmog items? These are three special helmets that can be unlocked as cosmetic items. The items were available in the in-game shop a few years ago but left it quite a while ago. These are:

  • Jewel of the Firelord
  • Hood of Ravenous Darkness
  • Crown of Eternal Winter

You can claim these items one after the other, at least if you have an active Amazon Prime subscription.

How do you redeem the items? It’s very easy. You only have to do that Prime Gaming website visit and make sure your Amazon account is linked to the Blizzard account. Then click on “Game Content” and scroll down to “World of Warcraft”. There you can now see the three items from which you can currently unlock the Jewel of the Firelord. This is possible up to and including July 26th.

When will the other helmets be available? The two remaining transmog helmets will be available in the coming months, the dates for which are already known.

  • The Hood of Ravenous Darkness is available from July 27th to August 23rd.
  • The Crown of Eternal Winter awaits from August 24th to September 20th.
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It is not yet known whether these helmets will be available again afterwards – after all, they have not been available for several years now. So it could be a while before you can get the helmets elsewhere again.

Have you redeemed your transmog helmets yet? Or do you give a damn about such sparkling helmets?