Balan Wonderworld: Yuji Naka steps after: ex-colleague deleted from photo

Balan Wonderworld: Yuji Naka steps after: ex-colleague deleted from photo

The sting is deep: The one that happened during the creation of Balan Wonderworld (from 6.40 at buy) chased Yuji Naka indirectly shoots at co-developer Oshima – by deleting him from a 26-year-old photo.

In the course of the development of the Jump’n’Runs Balan Wonderworld, which performed mediocre in our test, two old companions apparently fell out: Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima. Both had designed and programmed Sonic the Hedeghog together in the early 1990s and later worked together again on Nights into Dreams. In April, Yuji Naka revealed why he was fired during the ongoing development of the hopping game. Now he follows – in an unconventional way…

No sign of Oshima!

On the 26th anniversary of the announcement of the Saturn classic Nights into Dreams, Naka shared this photo from the game’s unveiling in 1996. At that time he was responsible for the game concept and Oshima for the design of the flying harlequin. Anyone wondering why Bomberman is in the picture – the Saturn part was presented at the same event back then. Much more exciting, however, is what, or rather who, is not in the picture: Naoto Oshima. Team boss Naka can be seen in the middle of the picture below, the kneeling gentleman in the light-colored jacket. To his left is the Nights standee, and to his left is a black spot. There was obviously character designer Oshima.

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When asked about the ex-colleague’s deletion, Naka went on the offensive in another tweet: “How would you feel if you had been removed from a game you’ve been working on for over two years? And if you then go to court , then you find out that you were being talked about behind your back and that’s why you got kicked out of the game project.” Naka didn’t blame Oshima directly, but the resentment against the ex-colleague, who now heads the studio Arzest, seems to be quite high.