Stranger Things: Speculations About Monsters in Season 5

The fourth season finale of StrangerThings is not a week old and already there is at tik tok Speculations about what monsters us in season 5 could expect.

The previous monsters in Stranger Things

Stranger Things 4 ended on a cliffhanger as Eleven and her comrades face a huge crater, the Portal to the Upside Down, stand. First of all thanks Will’s connection to Vecnait should also be clear that he was not defeated and wants to continue to put his infernal plan into action with all his might.

Since it is now clear that the fifth at the same time the last season will be, fans expect an epic final fight with equally epic opponents.

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So far, the monsters were always after figures from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game named. Starting with the Demogorgonswhich we’ve known since Season 1, about the demodogs and the Mindflayer from season 2, up to the Demobats and the evil magician Vecna from the fourth season.

Will Stranger Things 5 ​​have the most gigantic monster in the entire series?

Now speculations are circulating on TikTok that the fifth season is still going on bigger and scarier monster brings with it: Hydra. The Hydra is a three-headed dragon-like creature that has been hinted at in recent episodes.

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In a vision, Vecna ​​shows things to Nancywhich are yet to come, including the Destruction of Hawkins – which is true. Amid the many scraps of images that make up the vision, Nancy also sees a “huge creature with a gaping mouth.”

Furthermore, Will painted a Picture for Mikeon which the friends together against one three headed beast fight, which looks confusingly similar to the Hydra. As previously mentioned, Will has a strong connection to Vecna, so it stands to reason that he saw it in one of his visions.

Safe is Vecna the final opponent par excellence. But the past seasons have already shown that he all guns ascends to reach its destination. That includes all sorts of things monstrous helpers.

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who with the video game “Stranger Things: The Game” is known, perhaps also know that the finale Boss fight against the Hydra takes place. Another hint? At the end of the day, we just have to be surprised. Until it comes with the hit series Netflix goes on, one can speculate a bit in the meantime.

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