Summer Fantasia is the next Genshin Impact update and it already has a release date

Summer Fantasia is the next Genshin Impact update and it already has a release date

Genshin Impact will have a major update in which new content will be added to the development of this story, the so-called Summer Fantasia will be available from July 13.

For Genshin Impact RPG fans, a new update will arrive this July 13 in the App Store. A new content called “Summer Fantasia” will add stories, puzzles and more diversity to the game to make it more interesting and complete. The last update came last month with new characters.

Genshin Impact will receive a big update with “Summer Fantasia”

The launch coincides with a new seasonal event, Summertime Odyssey, posted by HoYoversethe developers of the popular game. The exploration will be more extensive since they will be added new treasures that fans will want to find and complete. There will also be space to learn new unexpected stories about the companions of the so-called “Traveler”. In this trailer you will see in summary the most interesting of «Summer Fantasia».

They make a reference to summer being a wonderful time of year in which there are many strange and interesting events. Items such as a “cursed blade of unknown origin, a mysterious unsolved case, and the family islands” are cited. that they cannot be so in the sea.

Amazing Genshin Impact graphics

Amazing Genshin Impact graphics

One week to download the Summer Fantasia update

Just wait for the chosen date to be able to enjoy the new update, at least on devices where Genshin Impact is already installed. For all other users who want to explore this role-playing title, it is available for download on the App Store right now for iPhone and iPad. The minimum requirements to be able to enjoy it is to have iOS 12 or iPadOS 12 (or later).

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By having an iPhone 13 or higher, the experience improves significantly. Let’s remember that the efficiency of Apple chips improves over time. For iPhone and iPad with OLED-miniLED screen, the experience is very different compared to other devices.

For fans of video games who do not know genshin impact story: is about a story developed in Teyvatan incredible place where you will find creatures that are in harmony and where the 7 elements are in union. These elements hold an answer, which you will have to look for in this game.