WoW: Season characters are allowed to switch to WotLK Classic servers after Naxx

The first Horde Alliance team in the WoW universe... that wasn't Thrall and Jaina (1)

As Blizzard in September 2021 officially the first season of the championship presented by World of Warcraft, there were a whole bunch of questions, one of which hasn’t been answered until recently: what actually happens at the end of the season to the characters that took so much time and energy into? Do they end up with the spirit healer forever? Can we transfer them to other servers? And with the final phase of the current season just around the corner, it’s time Blizzard answered that question.

WoW Classic: Season of the Championship – Trailer for the start of the season

From the SdM to Nordend!

The topic has been discussed in recent weeks, among other places this thread from the official WoW forum. And that’s exactly where Classic Game Producer Aggrend spoke up a few hours ago.

“Since the beginning of the Season of Championships, where the Season’s characters would end up has been a hot topic of discussion, not only for the community but also for our team internally. We’ve spent a lot of time sharing with each other, speaking to SdM players and reading comments on the forums and social media, and it is very clear that there is a strong desire to be able to continue the adventures of your seasonal characters in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. To let everyone know that there will be an opportunity for Championship Season characters to transition to the Classic Era or Wrath of the Lich King Classic for free when the current season ends.

It’s likely you have questions about this, and we hope to be able to share more details soon. As for the schedule, this is still a long way off and will happen sometime after the release of Naxxramas in SdM. We want to make sure Naxxramas has enough time to breathe before we begin this process and players find their new homes for their seasonal characters.”

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