Fortnite: Dragon Ball Z is arguably the next crossover and it fits perfectly

Son Goku in Fortnite could soon become a reality.

Son Goku in Fortnite could soon become a reality.

Dataminers have probably uncovered the next crossover event for Fortnite. All anime fans rejoice because this is nothing other than the legendary Dragon Ball Z universe. A well-known item was found in the code of the epic shooter, which is not only a clear indication that Son Goku, Vegeta and other characters will soon be up to mischief in Fortnite, but also that the crossover could introduce fresh game mechanics .

DBZ could bring new gameplay element

It’s all about this: It’s actually a miracle that there hasn’t been any cooperation between Fortnite and Dragon Ball so far, because on the one hand other animes like Naruto have already made it into Epic’s shooter and on the other hand Dragon Ball fits Fortnite’s comic look like a glove . But the time could finally come soon, because Epic has already smuggled the first assets from the DB universe into their Battle Royale.

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This was found in the code: At this point it must be said that the collaboration has not yet been confirmed and the name Dragon Ball is not yet in the code. Instead, the dataminers dug up an interesting item: a HoiPoi capsule with the Capsule Corporation logo, which belongs to Bulma’s father. These little marvels can hold anything from a pair of underpants to a spaceship.

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However, rumor has it on Twitter that the capsules could serve a different function in Fortnite. Epic is reportedly working behind the scenes on a “Stamina Item,” an item that increases your stamina, allowing you to sprint faster and/or longer. The fact that there is a connection with the leaked capsules is only a guess.

The new trailer sets the mood for Fortnite’s Season 3:

Fortnite – Season 3 trailer gets you in the mood


Fortnite – Season 3 trailer gets you in the mood

What’s new in Epic’s Evergreen:

These characters could be there: Of course, as with any crossover, the big question is what skins Fortnite will have. In the case of Dragon Ball, the decision is particularly difficult because the choice is so wide. Goku and Vegeta are probably safe. The Namekian Piccolo also has a good chance as he seems to play a significant role in the new DB Super movie. Of course, a villain shouldn’t be missing either: Freeza, Cell or Buu – what do you think?

What characters or items from DBZ would you like to see in Fortnite?