MMORE 08/2022: Will Kalecgos save his dragonflight in WoW: Dragonflight?

MMORE 07/2022: Great!  Someone can predict the WoW lore future!

Are you as excited as we are when we’ve finally finished a new edition of the MMORE? The PC Games MMORE 08/2022 aka issue 174 is finished and is currently visiting our print shop! This means that the booklet can be found at your trusted retailer from July 20, 2022. You can recognize it by Kalecgos’ pretty face. and our dear, loyal subscribers can of course be happy that the magazine is already in their mailbox a few days beforehand!

MMORE 08/2022

We take you on a journey into the future! On the one hand we deal with the new Mythic Plus dungeons of season 4 of WoW: Shadowlands in the tips and tricks section of the KnowWoW section, on the other hand we give you comprehensive advice if you want to add a few copies to your in-game dragon collection , before Dragonflight lands on the WoW servers. We’ll also tell you the story of the Blue Dragonflight and try to guess if Kalecgos will be able to save his flock. We rummage through the WoW archives and dig up a few quest stories that should definitely continue in Dragonflight. We look at the restrictions on the Dracthyr Callers and analyze whether the concept of class-race combination should be expanded. And of course we took a look at other games including The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, Diablo Immortal, Stranger of Paradise and more! So you can expect a packed magazine with exciting topics!

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Our message from the editor: A hot summer? A hot autumn!
The fact that WotLK Classic will start in 2022 was not even up for debate. But the fact that the brand new WoW expansion Dragonflight should also be available on the servers before New Year’s Eve surprised us. That’s what the developers at Blizzard promise us… and supposedly also the investors of Activision Blizzard. Of course, that raises some concerns. Many a player fears that the release of Dragonflight will be broken; that the new adventure in the fabulous worlds of dragons, including a new class, will not be complete when it is released. We understand, and to some extent share, these concerns. Because never before has the quality of a content package for the release been as important for the future of WoW as it is now, in the wake of two expansions that offered little motivation to continue playing, especially towards the end. We hope that’s clear to the studio’s MMO executives as well. However, we can currently only wait to receive invitations to alpha or beta tests soon. Starting the test in the near future would allay the fear that auditions and bug fixing can take place within reasonable limits. Of course, we can then get an idea of ​​how far the Dragonflight development has progressed. In other words: we could give the all-clear. However, it is not that far yet. After all: there was a play date in mid-July 2022, where we were able to gather first impressions – but since that is still in the future at the moment when we are finishing this issue, you have to be patient until the next issue. Or you visit our website!

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