Pokémon GO: Is Crypto Latios worth it, which you can now get from Giovanni?

Pokemon Go Latios

Battle Weekend is now underway in Pokémon GO and Giovanni has added Crypto-Latios to his team. We at MeinMMO have looked at what kind of Pokémon this is and whether it’s even worth it.

What kind of Pokemon is it? The Battle Weekend is currently running in Pokémon GO, where you can meet Team GO Rocket more often. A new Special Research will also give you access to a Super Rocket Radar, which you will also use to encounter the leader Giovanni.

For the fight, the members of Team GO Rocket have also acquired the odd new Crypto. Above all Giovanni, who now has a legendary Crypto-Latios in his team. But what kind of Pokémon is it and is it worth it for you?

We have summarized all important information about Latios for you.

What kind of Pokemon is Latios?

Latios is a Legendary Pokémon from Generation 3 and is the counterpart of the Pokémon Latias. It belongs to the Dragon and Psychic-type Pokémon and has no advancements or advancements. The legendary monster can only benefit from a temporary mega development.

Until now, you could occasionally find Latios in the level 5 raids or, more recently, following the corresponding mega-raid. Now it will also be available for the first time in its crypto variant in the game.

Are there shiny latios? Yes, the legendary Pokémon also has an shiny form. You can recognize it by its green body. According to current information, the Crypto variant should not be caught as Shiny for the time being.

Latios normal (left) and as shiny (right)

How strong is Latios? Latios has a high attack stat, but its stamina and defense are also solid. Its Psychic Charged Attack is really strong and deals a lot of damage to opponents, making it one of the best Psychic Attackers around.

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It also qualifies in the top 10 dragon attackers with its Fire Breath and Dragon Claw moveset. And the legendary Pokémon is also impressive in the Master League.

Is Crypto Latios worth it?

Latios is already one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO in its normal form and is therefore ideal for use in raids. The Crypto form increases his Attack stat by an additional 20%. Because of this, you shouldn’t neglect Crypto Latios, especially as a Psychic attacker, for PvE combat.

In PvP battles, on the other hand, it is only useful in the master league. There it even reached the 23rd place in the PvPoke ranking with a move set of fire breath, dragon claw and spotlight. However, if you are still looking for a strong Pokémon for the super or hyper league, Latios is not the right place and you should look for a better alternative.

Should you catch Crypto-Latios? If you want to secure a strong attacker for the raid battles, you should definitely get Crypto-Latios on the team. Even if it cannot get past its competitor Mewtwo, it is still a good alternative.

However, in the GO Battle League, Crypto Latios is only used in the Master League. And here, too, you can find some dragons that are even better, like Zekrom or Reshiram. In the super and hyper league, on the other hand, it doesn’t matter at all.

Additionally, you have to keep in mind that Crypto-Latios is not yet available in Shiny, which makes it a little less interesting. In addition, you only get a Super Rocket Radar and therefore only one chance for Crypto Latios for the time being.

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So if you don’t need Crypto Latios for use in raids and have no use for the legendary Pokémon, you should consider saving your Super Rocket Radar for another monster.

How to get Crypto Latios?

To secure a Crypto Latios, you first need a Super Rocket Radar. If you don’t have one from previous research, you can secure one with the new Battle Weekend Special Research.

If you got a Super Rocket Radar, you can go in search of Giovanni. So activate the radar and click on the symbol on the right side of the game. You will now be shown a map of the area where Giovanni’s possible whereabouts are marked. But be careful, it can also be a lout who is only supposed to deceive you.

Once you’ve found Giovanni, all you have to do is fight and defeat him. You will now be rewarded with an encounter with Crypto-Latios. Now all you have to do is catch it.

How do you like Giovanni’s new Legendary Pokémon? Have you already secured a copy? Or is Crypto-Latios completely uninteresting for you? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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