A weapon nobody uses in CoD Warzone is now a nasty one-shot monster with lots of fun potential

cod warzone crossbow setup one shot

Anyone who thinks of one-shot weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone will quickly end up with sniper weapons. However, after a buff in Season 4, another weapon sneaks into the hearts of One-Shot fans – the old crossbow from Modern Warfare 2019.

What’s up with the crossbow? It’s not easy being a crossbow in Call of Duty. Everyone just wants to run around with their guns, rely on high rates of fire and nobody has an eye for the old, safe technique of a crossbow.

But in the current Season 4, the traditional weapons are fighting back. Modern Warfare’s Crossbow, in particular, no longer put up with the ignorance of most players and is now a one-shot monster that can bring you a lot of fun – if you can tame the weapons.

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CoD Warzone: Crossbow rocks after Buff in Season 4

Why is the crossbow so strong now? There was a buff at the start of Season 4. This makes the bolts from the crossbow fly to their target over 25% faster. Together with essays, the value increases even further.

This makes it much easier for you to hit your opponents and together with the explosive arrows it really goes off. If the hit is on the head, neck or chest, your opponents will go down. Not directly with the first hit, but with the subsequent explosion.

If enemies are already a little short of armor, the first hit can be deadly. Then the enemies are completely dead because the explosion ensures that they don’t stay on the ground. You will be bowled out of the match.

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It takes practice and a certain knack for the somewhat slow arrows. However, a clip on reddit shows how powerful and fun the crossbow can be:

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How does a setup look like? Below we show you a setup for range applications. Here’s how you can use the crossbow similar to the reddit clip:

  • Barrel: XRK Thunder 90kg
  • Visor: VLK 3.0x visor
  • Shaft: FORGE TAC Apex
  • Bolts: FTAC Fury 20″ bolts
  • Extra: Dexterity

However, the part can also be used excellently in close combat. It’s a high risk because you only have one shot at a time. If the bolt is in place, you only need one shot. Then build your setup more on ZV speed.

If you are looking for a deeper analysis of the crossbow, we published an article on the nasty one-shot crossbow over 2 years ago.

The crossbow is an unconventional niche weapon in Warzone, but once mastered it can bring you a lot of joy and kills.

If you prefer the conventional solutions, then you will find the right one for you in our list of the best Warzone weapons: CoD Warzone: The best weapons with setups – constantly updated.

Do you also have a weapon that hardly anyone plays, but with which you are very successful? Then leave us a comment on the topic.

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