Heroes of the Storm is retiring and will no longer receive major updates

Heroes of the Storm is retiring and will no longer receive major updates

Do you still play Heroes of the Storm? The answer of most players should be “no” here. On the seventh anniversary of its MOBA, Blizzard also sees that the game is coming to an end and is discontinuing the major updates.

Retirement means maintenance mode

However, development continues to a limited extent. However, Blizzard is only limited to “the sustainability of the client and troubleshooting”. Heroes of the Storm will thus receive the same treatment as StarCraft or StarCraft II. The MOBA game will no longer be equipped with new paid content, but the seasonal roles and hero rotations will continue.

So you can continue to play the title, but there won’t be any really great new content. The developer explains his decision in one updates: “This June, Heroes of the Storm celebrates its seventh anniversary. It brings together legendary characters from all our universes and naturally brought players together for a truly unique experience.”

Blizzard is therefore committed to ensuring that “you can continue to enjoy your adventures in the Nexus”. Blizzard continues: “Going forward, we will maintain seasonal roles and hero rotations, and while the in-game store will remain operational, there are no plans for new purchasable content. Future patches will primarily focus on the sustainability of the Clients and bug fixes, while balance updates will follow as needed.”

More Heroes of the Storm news:

“You continue to be one of our most passionate communities, we are grateful for your continued dedication and support, and as always we look forward to seeing you in the Nexus,” Blizzard said, explaining that players will be able to follow next week’s patch received the “Incredibly Rare” Epic Arcane Lizard mount as a thank you for their loyalty.

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This news certainly doesn’t come as a surprise, after all, Blizzard has reduced the team behind the MOBA and also canceled some e-sports events in recent years. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly how large the Heroes of the Storm team is at the moment.